AK-49 Marijuana Strain


AK-49 by Vision Seeds is an AK-47 phenotype that aims for higher potency and more stimulating effects than its predecessor. This strain has been known to push well over 20% THC and can invigorate the most lethargic cannabis consumer. But beware, this strain’s strong stimulation can be too much for some, so mind your dosage and enjoy AK-49 in an environment you feel comfortable in. It has an approximate 84-day flowering time and retains the pungent and woody aroma its forefather became famous for.


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AK-49 Marijuana Strain:

Drawing inspiration from the famous popular AK 47 weed variety. This one produced by Vision Seeds brings users a well-balanced collection of effects. New users as well as seasoned smokers will be able to enjoy AK-49 Marijuana Strain. Because its delicious flavors provide a boost of energy to your life. It is great for recreational and medical reasons, it’s unfortunate that this strain is a bit difficult to find.

Most people say that AK-49 is in the range of 20% THC which makes it strong enough for people. Who have been through the ring, yet soft enough for newbies. Buds are typically small and compact. With plenty of crystals and pistils. the aromas and flavors of AK-49 are the kind you’ll be craving. Though it might seem a little odd at first, skunk , and sandalwood create a flavor which is slightly sweet, and extremely spicy.

The primary main goal of the AK-49 high is to smooth any rough edges and get into a state of complete joy. While this strain is more sativa-oriented and you’ll feel a sense of relaxation that’s enjoyable but not too heavy. The energy and creativity are abound throughout the day, providing you with the opportunity to finish your work or even to deep clean your kitchen. The high you get won’t cause you to feel sexually ferocious or anything or way. But instead as if you’ve just woken from the most relaxing night of sleep you’ve ever experienced.

AK 49 Weed:

Since this bud gives an incredibly positive feeling of optimism, medical professionals are awestruck by AK-49 for mental issues, including depression and stress. The symptoms of fatigue are also dealt with ease. Which makes this an ideal choice for a Friday afternoon after an extremely busy week. The discomforts of daily life such as cramps and headaches are also a possibility to ease. However, more serious ailments could benefit from a plant that has more CBD or THC.

The lineage of this enchanting variety isn’t entirely clear, and even though some sources point to a mix from Mexican, Thai, Afghani and Colombian varieties, nobody is 100% certain. This makes cultivating this plant by yourself quite complicated. However thankfully we have some experience to give away. Female seeds can be purchased directly from breeders This strain takes between 10-12 weeks to mature fully. For the best growth circumstances are involved. You’ll need to play around for a while to determine what is most successful.

AK-49 could appear to be a violent strain however, in reality, it’s actually quite the opposite. If you’re in need of help or a friendly person to share your space with or simply an get away from the stress for a while the strain will treat the trick. It’s easy for you to overindulge on this particular strain and you should ensure that you’re aware of your tolerance before you go for it. Consider this strain if you require a boost up, or at the weekend to boost your already amazing adventure.

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