Animal Cookies Strain


  • Animal Cookies Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 20-27%  
  • CBD: 1%
  • Flavour & Aroma: Sugary pastry, earthy sweet and hints of sour
  • Appearance: Large-sized buds, bright green leaves, sharp orange hairs, and shimmering trichomes
  • Texture: Sticky and dense


Animal Cookies Strain Online:

Animal Cookies Strain Online comes from the flowering the sags of two parents who are powerhouses which are Girl Scout Cookies and Fire Original. This hybrid is extremely dominant Indica (75/25) and is loved by both growers and users for its flavor and elegant appearance. Knowing it’s from High Times Medical Cannabis Cup winners will make anyone feel content. The cherry flavor is just above the rest.

While they were aware of their lineage first breeder BC Bud Depot, did not thoroughly record the traits. This means that the new Animal Cookies for Sale can’t be grown and can only be purchased and cloned using the cuttings and seeds of plants already in existence. This is why in addition to the conditions that are causing it to grow. Buy Animal Cookies Strain is a difficult plant to cultivate. When you succeed you’ll be rewarded with an incredibly dense bud cluster filled with popcorn-shaped nuggets of yellow-purple-green goodness. It’s the trichomes of amber that give it the yellow hue.

Tips For Gardening:

If you’re willing to take on the challenge of cultivating Animal Cookies, you’ll want to plant it indoors. The plants have large fan leaves at the tops, blocking sunlight from the lower branches as well as blooms in the later phases. Therefore, you’ll need to trim them regularly. Also, growing them inside will help you ensure that airflow and ventilation are maintain. That is crucial to ensure the weather stays dry enough to allow for the growth of Animal Cookies properly.

Last but not least, it’s a stinky plant. Even when it’s in the process of growing. Where to buy Animal Cookies stinks up in a blaze, and we don’t recommend this to those who wish to make their garden secret!

Animal cookies strain exotic aroma is a delicious blend of sour, sweet, earthy and sour. The earthy scent wakes your body up, and the sweet vanilla tones bring you to sleep. On the exhale, be prepare for some spice. The high associated with Animal Cookies (well-cultivated and properly cultivated, it can contain up to 27 percent THC) can be intense in your brain, obscuring everything and bringing your energy down a notch. If you’re looking to put aside work and feel more relaxed, circus animal cookies is the best choice for a diet.

Patients suffering from insomnia, pain or depression may take advantage of a strain that is this potent. The pungent aromas of the herb recall the smell of its dark and sour leaves. They entice the user with sweet and nutty pleasure to help you let your mind unwind. You may even feel yourself falling asleep. Anyone suffering from poor appetite may benefit from Animal Cookies medicinally. All others can enjoy it as a great afternoon snack.

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