Blue Magoo Strain


  • Blue Magoo Genetics: DJ Short Blueberry x Major League Bud
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 16-22%
  • CBD: 0.1-1%
  • Flavor & Aroma: Slightly floral notes with fruity blackberry aromas and flavor.
  • Appearance: Medium-sized buds with pastel green leaves and burnt orange hairs.
  • Texture: Sticky


About Blue Magoo Strain:

With a memorable name and an even more distinctive taste, Blue Magoo is a delicious, indica-leaning, hybrid. It is a product of breeders Dynasty Seeds Portland-base breeders renown for their popular local strains such as Carmel Cough and Huckleberry Diesel. It is the result of a cross between a certain version of Blueberry cultivate by breeder DJ Short and a phenotype of William’s Wonder dubbed F2. Blue Magoo Strain Info delivers mostly sedative physical effects, which are amplified by a slight cerebral buzz. This striking flower gets top scores from the Analytical 360. The cannabis lab, measuring between 16 percent and 21 percent THC.

Blue Magoo’s beautiful flowers range from medium to large in size. They feature sativa-type buds with an elongated, almost conical shape. Instead of being pack tightly they have loose and fluffy leaves are easily remove from the central stems. They’re a subtle green hue with yellowish hues and are woven through by rust-color hairs (which represent pistils design to collect pollen that fertilize male plant).

Some Blue Magoo phenotypes also show distinct shades of purple and blue shades in their leaves. These hues are produce because pigments known as anthocyanins within the genes of the plant get stimulate due to cold conditions as it grows. Trichomes are the primary color of the flowers which is the reason for this variety’s ability to produce and an extremely sticky appearance.

Blue Magoo Cookies Strain:

The distinctive blueberry scent comes out of the buds that have been cured and is evidently the result of the parent strain Blueberry Pancake. The underside of this fruity scent is a piney and dank musky. When burned, Blue Magoo Strain Review has a sharp smoke that can cause a cough and eyes that are watery. A slightly tart and herbal fruity flavor is apparent in the smoke that is release. There aren’t discernible grape-like flavors it could be due to the pigments which provide Blue Magoo. Its occasional purple shades don’t have the same effect on the taste of the strain.

Blue Magoo’s high is a bit quickly for an indica giving you a sense of immediate relief. When they’ve finished enjoying the flavor of this particular stain smokers might be breathing more easily and experience relief from tension in their muscles that has been building up. Although Blue Magoo’s euphoria is relaxing and sedative. It also offers some mild mental stimulation that can stimulate creativity or a pleasant conversation. However, the risk of developing couch-lock increases when larger amounts of this cannabis are consume.

Blue Magoo Weed Strain:

The sedative effects increase Blue Magoo’s sativa component diminishes. It becomes more dreamy and cloudy, rather than analytical and cerebral. The strain’s combination of physical relaxation. As well as, inner peace is an ideal choice for laid-back gatherings and the solitude of unwinding at work. Since it swells into the state of sleep, Blue Magoo is better suitable for evening use rather than morning use.

Patients who are using medical cannabis may appreciate Blue Magoo’s properties to sedate. The anti-inflammatory properties of What Strain Is Blue Magoo can help alleviate anything from painful headaches and aches to migraines. It could also temporarily ease the symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD. The blind old man. Magoo himself might even benefit from Blue Magoo’s capability to alleviate the painful intraocular pressure that is associate with the condition known as glaucoma. Additionally, this strain’s complete relaxation may help in difficult cases of Insomnia and help patients fall to a peaceful and restful sleep.

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