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  • Blue Dream Genetics: Blueberry x Santa Cruz Haze
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid

  • THC: 17-24% | CBD: 0.1-1%

  • Flavour & Aroma: Pungent sweet, fruity & herbal

  • Appearance: Long, bulky forest green buds with bright orange hairs

  • Texture: Crispy, very dense and sticky


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Buy Blue Dream Online:

Buy Blue Dream Online. A very well-known Hybrid Cannabis strain. Blue Dream is a cross of Blueberry and Haze known. Its unique fruit flavor and a staggering THC concentration of 24 percent. This makes it a great option for smoking throughout the day as well as when socializing. Buds of Blue Dream Blue Dream strain display an amazing mix of vibrant green leaves as well as dense fire-orange hairs.

Blue Dream Blue Dream (also known as Azure Haze) is a powerful cross between the ever-popular classic cultivars Blueberry and Haze It is a mildly mysterious Sativa that has a hint of mystery. It’s not just a dream due to its delicious taste and dazzling intellectual high. However, its background has not been included in the literature that is thought to be of the realm of dreams.

It first came into its own in the medical field although nobody could tell who it was, or where it was from. It was not the subject of much speculation.

Buy Cheap Blue Dream Online:

This gorgeous cannabis has more than appealing looks and flavors to offer with a comparatively high. THC range that is an average of 17 percent and the highest is 24 percent. The levels in CBD as well as CBN respectively are the levels of 2% and one percent, which makes this a great strain to treat various ailments.

Blueberry and sugar both have amazing flavors and remain on your lips and in your mouth for a long time after cigarettes have gone away. Blue Dream is available to purchase online and find BLUE DREAM to sell online. Blue Dream’s high is the most potent parentage. Which has been meticulously combine into a balanced package that’s full of flavor.

It begins with a buzz of energy and focus. Which means you’ll be able to take advantage of it during every busy schedule. As the top increases and you enter a state of relaxation that leaves you feeling uncomfortable and relaxed. It is a feeling numb and ready for whatever job.

Benefits Of Blue Dream:

Blue Dream is a Blue Dream herb that is ideal to treat many health issues and signs because it can have a variety of effects. In general, Blue Dream is considered to be the ideal solution for people. Who suffer from mental disorders like depression and stress and physical discomforts such as headaches, chronic pain, and a feeling of intense tiredness.

If you’re struggling with mental wellness and seek treatment through Blue Dream marijuana. It is likely that you’d prefer to consume a moderate quantity of this kind. A high dose of blue dream marijuana can result in paranoia and anxiety (as is the case with any other strain of marijuana). It is essential to understand your limits and find an appropriate balance. Between the amount you consume if you wish to achieve the most effective outcomes.

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