THC 500mg



These Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are packed with high quality cannabis. These awesome Cheetos taste almost identical to the non-medicated ones. You will receive 600mg of THC infused in your Hot Cheeto Edibles.

Don’t have much experience with edibles? Start with just 2 chips.

Are you an experienced user? Go with 3 to 5 chips.

Within an hour you should feel uplifted in an amazing high that will last longer than any joint will! You are missing out if you don’t try them, especially if you love the normal Flamin’ Hot!

Wanna go crazy? Take 10 chips. That one will be a memory that lasts a lifetime, speaking from experience here. Taking it easy is recommended!

Cheetos by Frito-Lay brings us an exciting Flamin’ Hot crunchy brand flavor with a double-x or X X Extra Hot taste. If you can handle all that heat, then wow! . . . you’re most deserving. They are twice as hot compared to regular  Flamin’ Hot Snacks! Eat them with 21 sips of water before the thermometer cracks!

Buy Hot Cheetos Edible, Hot Cheetos aka Flamin Hot! The new edible has taken the pot chips industry by storm. No question edible pot chips do work amazingly. A delicious pot version edible of Hot flamin’ with a powerful punch. Made with premium cannabis and quality ingredients, these edible Flamin Hot  infuse 500mg of pure THC in a single bag.

Tasty flamin’ hot edible chips infused with 600mg of THC.. Have you tried this product?

famin’ hot Edible
1 bag = 1 Serving

Cheetos Crunchy Cheese bring a cheesy, delicious crunch to snack time with a bag of Flavored Snacks.

Made with real cheese for maximum flavor.

Cheetos Crunchy snacks are the much-love cheesy treats that are fun for everyone! – Cheetos Crunchy Cheese flavor corns snacks that are baked not fried. – Family favorites, great for lunch and snacking. – Contains no artificial colors or preservatives. – Suitable for vegetarians


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