• Chemdawg Genetics: Nepalese x Thai
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid

  • THC: 15-19% | CBD: 0%

  • Flavour & Aroma: Sour, pungent, earthy, diesel-gas

  • Appearance: Medium sized buds, swamp green leaves, dark reddish-brown hairs and layered in trichomes

  • Texture: Sticky and dense



Buy Chemdawg Weed Online:

Buy Chemdawg Weed Online is a famous strain that has a disputed genetic background. Although it is believed to have been crossed with Thai and Nepalese landraces that are Sativa, many claim this strain’s birth through U.S. breeders. Chemdawg’s origin tales include a story of a tangled seed swap among cultivators at the Grateful Dead concert and another account that puts the strain’s parentage on the Colorado variety called Dog Bud (so named for its capacity to cause the user to move around like an animal).

Whatever the origins, Chemdawg has become a popular choice within the U.S. cannabis market for its distinctive flavor and energetic, upbeat high. Chemdawg has also been utilized to crossbreed many popular and well-received varieties. Chemdawg’s THC content was between 15% and 20%.

Chemdawg is a medium-sized flower that looks slightly different from hybrid or pure Indica lineages. The buds are long and tapered, not popcorn-like. The flowers are somewhat loose and wispy leaves. The spring leaves are covered with sticky white trichomes that give the buds a silver-white look. Because of their mild form and dull texture, the buds from Chemdawg are difficult to separate manually. Those making flowers for joints and pipes can have a much easier process using grinders. The flower’s sticky petals are threaded with pistils that range from orange to red. Chemdawg has a smell that is reminiscent of that of diesel (which some belief is the cause of “chem” in its name).

Buy Chemdawg Online:

The floral scent also gives the smell of earthy musk and a hint of pine. If the flowers are properly dried, the blend has a smooth smoke that has a sour taste when breathed in. When you exhale, Chemdawg’s smoke reveals its distinctive diesel flavor with an ammonia-like flavor that will pleasantly surprise the tongue. The high that comes from Buy Chemdawg Online is intense, often before the user has finished admiring its distinctive diesel smell.

Smokers can feel a sharpening in their senses and a greater awareness of their environment. This initial head-high that is disorienting is more effective and contemplative in the proper setting. Chemdawg can be a good choice for an exuberant and lively conversation. The ability to enhance sensory experiences makes it ideal for creative projects. Many users experience a tangible sensation of physical relaxation but nothing that is couchlock, which suggests that Chemdawg may also have Indica genes.

Chemdawg’s cerebral high is strong and is a major factor in treating anxiety, stress, and PTSD symptoms. Many strain users have also reported relief from migraines and chronic pain. Due to its potency and concentration, Chemdawg is known to have the potential to cause the type of manic looping thoughts that can cause anxiety. In this way, even users who have a high tolerance to THC should limit the amount they consume accordingly.

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