Cherry Pie


  • Cherry Pie Genetics: Durban Poison x Grand Daddy Purple.
  • Cannabis Type: Indica dominant Hybrid (70% Indica / 30% Sativa)
  • THC: 16-24%
  • CBD: 0.4%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Warm cherry pie, sugary citrus, vanilla earthy
  • Appearance: Large sized bud, light green leaves, orange-red hairs, thick layer of THC trichomes
  • Texture: Dense, properly cured and dried, gummy sticky

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Buy Cherry Pie Strain:

Buy Cherry Pie Strain, sometimes known as Cherry Kush, is a highly popular and powerful hybrid that is a strong Indica Strain. It is a cross of flavor-packed and smoky Indica Granddaddy Purple and the powerful Sativa Durban Poison. It is also a potent sativa that offers users many of the finest qualities of the parent strains. Cherry Pie’s well balance and stimulating high can be enjoye in a range of settings. This flexibility, in addition to its tart and sweet flavor. What has made it a popular choice in all dispensaries in the nation. Testing lab for cannabis Analytical 360 has tested multiple varieties from Cherry Pie flowers and discovered consistently high levels of THC and the average being around 20 percent.

Cherry Pie’s flowers range from small to medium-sized and feature a bud shape that is typical of other Indica cultivars. The tightly curled leaves are intersperse and are lace with bright pistils that are orange. The leaves appear mostly mossy green however certain phenotypes exhibit some purple flashes; this color is due to the large amount of pigments found in the plants’ genes (passed onto through Granddaddy Purple) that highlight different colors than green. When stimulated by cold temperatures in the growth process. The buds which are vibrant are coat with white trichomes which are translucent that give the tiny nugs a silver-like sheen and a very tough texture.

Where To Buy Cherry Pie Strain?:

If Cherry Pie is properly cured the sweet, rich cherry aroma is released from the buds, accompanied by a few mild floral and herbal notes. A more sour, hazy flavor remain beneath and emerge after the buds have been chopped into pieces or cracked open. When it’s combusted Cherry Pie gives off a soft smoke that is easy to inhale and, on exhale, has a biscuit and toasty flavor with an aroma sweetness from the fruit. Smokers should be aware that this strain is extremely strong. Those looking to be discreet must take all necessary precautions.

Cherry Pie has a high that increases slowly, starting with a gradual sensation of relaxed. Smokers may initially notice a slight pressure inside their sinuses. After a while, Cherry Pie dissolves tension in the body and limbs and allows for easy, deep breathing. The user may feel as if any minor anxiety or stressors have disappeared. The pleasant feeling can be the perfect companion to a morning cup coffee or evening drink. As the high increases the Sativa Strain aspect of this strain comes out, working on the perceptions of the user.

Auditory or visual stimuli can be transformed into a new level of intensity and even the most mundane ideas may appear to be significantly more intriguing. It’s not to suggest the fact that Cherry Pie easily veers into the realm of hyper-psychological, paranoid However, it is. Its indica-like, calming base allows smokers to glide through their journey as it encourages creative and analytical work. Since it affects the mind and body. Cherry Pie is good for those who are involved in both, such as playing video games or exercising. If you are in the right environment it could also serve as an effective Aphrdisiac.

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