gold coast clear winter edition


We use CCell disposables that deliver quality clouds with every hit.

Total THC:

Total Cannabinoids:


gold coast clear winter edition

Gold coast clear winter edition. This is a premium THC vape cartridge in which oil content is so rich to meet up with our health and lab testing standards in the industry. We offer the only lab-tested and verified gold coast clear winter edition carts to avoid any bad reviews with regard to the product and also our main priority is to satisfy our clients with the best product which will not affect their health in any way. Vaping fake carts lead to some illnesses which can even lead to an early death, therefore we advise clients to buy gold coast clear winter edition carts which have been tested and approved in the laboratory for consumers to use.

FULL GRAM Cartridges online, New Halloween edition cartridge with 10 new Amazing, powerful flavors. Testing at up to 82.87% THC,CED content 0.25% these cartridges can satisfy even the most veteran smoke. Gold coast clear carts is a premium vape cart with a rich oil that is processed and tested by Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs 8380 Miramar Mall #102 San Diego, CA 92121. It uses terpenes blended into our cold-ethanol distillate. Gold coast clear exotic edition

Total cannabinoids;

82.87% Total THC

0.25% Total CBD

NR Moisture

Gold Coast Carts Winter edition

It is completely safe and doesn’t put the user in any state of paranoia. The consumer feels float with a lucid feeling
In fact, it can take multiple hits back-to-back with minimal irritation. The flavors are tasty and usually unlike cannabis.

It never takes long for the potency to settle in. One to two large hits should have you cruising for a while.


Safe distillation, strict 95:5 standard, High-Quality flavors.

Gold Coast clear carts  is a premium e-juice maker based in California. We bring the best vape juice flavors to you in convenient and affordable vape cartridges. Gold coast clear  carts use only the best ingredients including USA-made ingredients resulting in vape juices that are both tasty and highly satisfying.

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