Grand Daddy Purple


  • Grand Daddy Purple Genetics: Big Bud x Purple Urkle
  • Cannabis Type: Indica
  • THC: 18-25%
  • CBD: 0.1-1%
  • Flavour & Aroma: Fresh berry flavours with an earthy gas aroma
  • Appearance: Medium to large sized buds with deep green leaves, walnut brown pistils and a coat of crystal trichomes
  • Texture: Crispy, nicely trimmed buds with a slightly sticky texture


Buy Grand Daddy Purple Online:

Welcome to our website! Our goal is to provide you with information on all things related to buying Grand Daddy Purple online. We will cover everything from where to purchase the product, how to use it, and any other questions you might have.

Grand Daddy Purple Weed:

If you’re looking for a strain that’ll really get the party started, look no further than Grand Purple Daddy. Not only is this cannabis variety incredibly potent, but it also has a unique flavor that’s sure to make your taste buds happy.

Plus, since this weed is available online. There’s no need to worry about finding a good supplier or getting rip off. So if you’re in the market for some high-quality Grand Daddy Weed, be sure to check out our website!

Grand Daddy Purple Strain Info:

The Grand Daddy Purple strain is a rarity in the cannabis world, as it is one of the oldest strains available. The genetics are unknown. But it is believe to have originated in California. It has a sweet, fruity taste and an intense high that is perfect for relaxation or recreational use. This strain is not recommend for those who are seeking a strong psychoactive effect.

Grand Daddy kush can be found online at many dispensaries, and can also be purchased through some specialty cannabis retailers. It is typically price between $15 and $30 per Gram.

Grand Daddy Purple For Sale:

If you’re looking for a funky and unique stain, check out Grand Daddy Indica. This vivid purple hue is perfect for adding some life to any space. Grand Daddy Strain is also relatively easy to clean, so it can be a great option for any home. Plus, its unique color will sure to make a statement. If you’re interested in purchasing Grand Daddy Weed Strain online. We have a variety of options available to you.

Grand Daddy Purple Strain Review:

Grand Daddy strain is a relatively new strain that has quickly become a favorite among cannabis users. This indica-dominant hybrid offers a cerebral high with a mellow and relaxing effect. Grand Daddy cannabis is perfect for those looking for an effective pain reliever or sleep aid, and its unique flavor profile makes it a popular choice among recreational users as well. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and relaxing experience, Grand Daddy is an excellent choice.

Grand Daddy Purple Effects:

  • Grand Daddy marijuana is a psychoactive drug that has been around for many years. It is also known as purple haze, devil’s lettuce, and purple dragon. There are many different ways to use this drug, and it can have a variety of effects.
  • Some people use Daddy Purple to get high. Others use it to relax or focus. It can also be use as an additive in other drugs. Some people use it for spiritual reasons.
  • Grand Daddy Marijuana can have a variety of effects depending on how it is use. It can make you feel relaxed or euphoric, or it can make you feel paranoid or aggressive. It can also cause hallucinations and problems with coordination and vision.
  • If you want to try Grand Purple, be sure to talk to your doctor first. This drug can have dangerous side effects if not used correctly.

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