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This is one of the most powerful weed ever existed, even long-time weed enthusiast Snoop Dogg is not willing to smoke it. They are also known as sun rocks weed, even though Sun rocks weed are stronger. Basically Sun rocks weed is the older brother of Moon Rocks. This makes them a little expensive than the other kush strains

Lab Tested Results

THC: 54%
CBD: 0.15%
CBN: 0.02%



Moonrock Weed Buy Online:

Moonrock weed buy online. Moon rocks are an element of cannabis that should not be overlooked. They were designed for those looking to enhance their experience of smoking. If you’re not consuming concentrated cannabis on a regular basis, taking moon rocks is bound to be an experience. There will be food, water, and positive vibes to share in case you’re trying them out for the first time.

Moon Rock was introduced to its popularity thanks to rapper Kurupt who signed to Death House Records in the early 1990s with his friend Dr. Zodiak. The first moon rock products are branded Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock. It is important to note the fact that no moonrocks can be identical. Although Dr. Zodiak’s name is famous for having won High Times Cannabis Cup awards, However, a different moonrock may be of a different quality.

You may be confused when you learn about this variety ” Moon Rock”. Before you can guide you on where to buy Moon Rock For Sale, let’s look at the characteristics, information, and advantages.

Let’s get this straight. This isn’t about the moon rock which Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin discovered. We’re talking about the expensive but extremely powerful marijuana nugs that can almost definitely transport you to the skies and then back. The smoke of moon rock, as per people who have used it for years, is one of the best methods to take the herb, so if you’re planning to get super exhilarating, continue reading to find out more about these potent little beasts.

Moonrock Strain Online:

Moonrock is a cannabis flower that is dipped into hash oil (or sprays of it) before being rolled in the kief. It’s fairly easy to make and is a method to experiment with that’s mostly for those who have an extremely high tolerance to the substance. It’s necessary because the most accurate estimates put the amount of THC at about 51 percent! This is nearly two times the potency in some of the strongest marijuana strains.

You’ll probably know the way moon rocks got their name! It will feel like you’re on a spaceship headed to the moon and further when you purchase a top-quality version. One of the most potent chemical effects you’ll get from marijuana is the moonrock effect.

What Does Moonrock Do To Affect You?

Moon rocks are bought by some to sell on the internet this year. They then came back to us after having it, asking how it feel to them.

They stated ” First, you get an amazing kief flavor with lots of Terpenes. Moon rocks create massive clouds, you will experience the experience of a different kind with every hit. The high is likely to be different from the one you’ve experienced previously. Even the marijuana with the highest THC will not even come close to resembling the sensation of a moon rock experience.

It begins with a high in your head which spreads right down your toes.

It’s possible to be Jim Morrison territory in 30 minutes however, instead of creating amazing music, your brain is lost in space for what feels to be an interminable time. A majority of users claim to have smoked moonstones and then woke up twelve hours later, wondering what went wrong.

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