Pineapple Express


  • Pineapple Express Genetics: Trainwreck x Hawaiian
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid

  • THC: 19-25% | CBD: 1%

  • Flavour & Aroma: Citrus, fruit, pine and herbal

  • Appearance: Light green leaves, vivid orange hairs and soft trichomes

  • Texture: Crispy, delicate and sticky


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Named after the blockbuster movie Pineapple Express. This flower isn’t your average Hybrid strain because this product yields high THC content between 19 to 25% and 1% of CBD. The Pineapple Express strain grows light green leaves, with amber-orange hairs covered in glistening THC trichomes. Hence the “Pineapple” this weed has citrus aromas similar to fruit.

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