Purple Kush Marijuana Strain


  • Purple Kush Genetics: Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
  • Cannabis Type: Indica

  • THC: 17-22% | CBD: 0%

  • Flavour & Aroma:Herbal, Pine, Pungent, Spicy, & Sweet

  • Appearance: Medium sized buds with a variety of dark to light green leaves with purple hues and small amber orange hairs

  • Texture: Crispy, dense, dried correctly, and sticky


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In the beginning, among the top adored and well-known marijuana products within the market.  Tasty, effective, and powerful Purple Kush Marijuana strain. In addition, this genuine Indica flower is a product of the California state located on the Oakland part of the world in the region of crossing two of the pioneer strains known by their names: Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush. The final product has an aroma that is like berries and may be described as having a THC level that ranges from 17 to 22 percent. In the end, this weed is described as having a powerful and surely impressive euphoric sensation.

Purple Kush Strain Overview:

Purple Kush is one variety that reveals its purple hue in a variety of ways. The deep violet, red and pink shades of this strain are clear that Purple Kush is the name. If that’s not enough, it is a delicious blend of everything purple, including candy, grapes, and wine. If its stunning appearance and delicious flavor aren’t enough, it’s 100% indica and can leave you feeling extremely relaxed, jolly, and joyful.

As a member of the top 10 marijuana varieties by High Times themselves back in 2016 the ethereal Purple Kush strain lives up to its vibrant personality.

The brightly shaded buds flower and bloom with purples, reds, and pinks. Encased with neon to dark greens, and a delightful taste that ties the entire issue together. This strain is a well-packed present of fantastic green ganja waiting to share with the whole world.

Additionally, Purple Kush is a potent strain with numerous health benefits. This is one reason why many people are hook on its relaxing, euphoric, and sometimes, even trippy effects and even more.  it is powerful and adaptable which makes it a secure choice for a wide range of users. Cannabis enthusiasts beginners or casual 420 users, and even more.

It is now one of the most sought-after “household name” globalized marijuana strains. Purple Kush makes a powerful addition to your marijuana storage or medicine cabinet. 

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