Pyro Extracts Vaporizer Battery


  • Includes: Pyro Extracts Vaporizer Battery and Charger
  • Battery Life: Fully charged, this device can last for 100-200 tokes

  • Adjustable Voltage: Press the power button two times to change the voltage. Different colours represent the voltage: 3.4V purple, 3.7V blue, 4.2V red

  • Recommended: Charge the vape before being used

  • Note: This vaporizer charges fully in one hour

  • Texture: Silky smooth and comfortable material



Pyro Extracts Vaporizer Battery is a discreet and convenient-sized device. One of the amazing features this vape offers is adjustable voltage levels by pressing the button twice. The Pyro Extracts Vaporizer Battery has three tiers: 3.4V (purple), 3.7V (blue), and 4.2V (red).

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