Violator OG Kush


  • Violator Kush Genetics: Hindu Kush x Malana
  • Cannabis Type: Indica

  • THC: 16-24% | CBD: 0.3%

  • Flavour & Aroma: Unique smell of pungent herbal aromas

  • Appearance: Pine green colored leaves with dark orange to slightly amber-toned hairs

  • Texture: Fairly dense to slightly squishy and moderately gummy.


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A premium Indica cannabis strain that releases a great pungent herbal aroma. Violator OG is a perfect choice of weed for those searching for potent couch locking effects. Bred by crossing two popular strains Maluna x Hindu Kush. Violator Kush has stunning ping pong ball sized buds with clumps of amber hairs and lots of sticky resin.

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