Wine Gum


  • Wine Gum Genetics: Grape God x Strawberry Kush x Pineapple Express
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid

  • THC: 21-23% | CBD: 0-1%

  • Flavour & Aroma: Pungent, sweet, grapes, and herbal

  • Appearance: Medium sized buds, light green leaves with a deep purple tint, bright orange hairs, and loaded with trichomes

  • Texture: Sticky, tight density, and dried to perfection


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Inheriting the nickname from an exquisite and tasty candy. Wine Gum is a balanced Cannabis Hybrid strain, producing vast THC contents between 19-24%. Like the alcoholic beverage, the flavour of this weed offers is delicious, with hints of citrus grapes. Wine Gum strain buds feel cured, compact density, and sticky with a thick layer of trichomes.

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